Monday, 10 September 2012

Biology Lab Report

Imagine; you had a successful biology lab test that made you hit the pass mark, only for you to fail simply because your biology lab report was substandard. However, you can prevent this scenario with the following dexterity.
Great biology lab reports must have the following sections:
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  •     The title page
  •      Abstract
  •     Introduction
  •     Methods and materials
  •     The results
  •    The discussion
  •    The citation section
To begin with, the title page lists the tiles of your biology lab report and their page numbers. The abstract is a concise summary of your entire report. Great abstracts include the information about the purpose of the experiment the subject of discussion, the methods and discussions, and the overall results from the experiment and conclusion drawn from your experiment. 
Subsequently, the introduction of the biology lab report stated the purpose of your experiment. As such, you must write your hypothesis and how you intend to test your hypothesis.
Next, when writing the methods and material section, you are required to write a description of materials and methods that you used in completing your experiment. Give clear instructions in that your reader would perform the experiment using your guidelines.
Consequently, write the results sections that include all tabulated data from observations during your experiment. You may write this by including tables, and other illustrations of your data. Keep it in mind that in this section, you are not required to explain the results but simply state them.
When writing the discussion part, you are required to summarize what happened. Give your reader in-depth information of what happened in your discussion.
Citation; it is one of the most effective approaches of combating plagiarism. Cite any resource materials including books, and lab journals among others. Some of the types of citation may be the MLA, APA, Oxford or Chicago styles of citation.

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