Sunday, 16 September 2012

Research Paper Sample on Create And Lead Technology

The other day, Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of face book said that and I quote, “We do not build services to make money but make money build better services.” The question remains; how can we create better technology services? To begin with, what is technology? Technology means the ability to create and produce. It has the capacity to produce the means of living and create meanings of life in work. According to Aristotle, medicine and architecture were both a technology art. The creation of technology products involves both intellectual and socio-technology.Here is a free technology research paper sample.
The capacity of the society’s technology resides in four basic areas. They include the intellectual, human capital, physical capital, and social capital. To begin with, the intellectual capital includes the factual knowledge, science, theories, patents and algorithms. On the other
hand, human capital involves the skills, and practices of science understandings among others. For physical capital, it focuses on machines, infrastructure, and operating principals. Finally, the social capital involves the organization of research, industrial, and educational.
Keep it in mind that Technology has three key aspects, which include; goods, services and human activities that focus on creating the products.  Consequently, technology advances under the supply push and the demand pull
Consequently, if you are soliciting create and lead technology in the news posts, it is paramount to understand some of the tips that you need for lead technology.  To begin with, pinpoint the profile of your intended customer. This means that you look at the most profiting customer and least beneficial. Next, understand that it is the buy- cycle that is beneficial to your prospects and not the sales-cycle.  Again, as a rule it is the buyers who dictate the progression of sales. Finally, it is paramount for you to implement on intelligent content when engaging with potential clients.

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