Sunday, 16 September 2012

Research Paper example On Information Technology In Business Management

Have you ever heard of the Sumerians? Well, they are a civilized community that originated in the southern Mesopotamia. So how are they related to information technology in Business Management? Brilliant question! Historically, information technology originated from the Sumerians who excelled in storing, manipulating, and communicating information, around 3000BC.  Prior to leaving this page, there is a little much more that you cannot afford to be ignorant about, concerning information technology, stay with me.
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At the outset, Information Technology is a branch of engineering that deals with computers, and telecommunication equipment, to store, retrieve and manipulate data. On the other hand, business management is the process of running a company through controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing, and planning.  Information technology in business management is
subsequently the process of using information technology to manage companies.
As a rule, information technology is imperative in providing security for organizations. To begin with, information technology is divided into different departments namely; database systems, computer servers, and cryptography. Cryptography subsequently plays the role of security of ATM cards, and computer passwords.  It is also used in electronic commerce. Data base management on the other hand is paramount in the performance, quality and recovery from hardware failures.
Besides, Information technology in business management plays the role of securing, converting, processing and transmitting information. It is subsequently imperative in effective communication within organizations.
Again, it is through information technology that organizations attend to their clients at the front desks.
Also, keep it in mind that the modern Information technology takes different skills such as computer networking, information security, Linux, Business Intelligence, ITIL, and project management among others.
In conclusion, information technology is paramount in business management based on security purposes subsequent to the use of cryptography. It is also imperative in effective communication within organizations and serving clients at front desks.

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