Monday, 10 September 2012

Research Paper on E-commerce

Imagine; a trade transactions without buyer or without a seller; it would never take place! Commerce is a communicative transaction between two parties that is the buyer, and the seller. E-commerce is the short form of electronic commerce. It is subsequently the buying and selling of products or services over electronic system. If assigned on writing a research paper on e-commerce, it is astute to begin with defining and comprehending e-commerce.
Again, when writing a research paper on e-commerce, it is astute to discuss the various branches of e-commerce. they include; in business to business buying and selling, E-tailing to virtual storefronts, gathering and uses of demographic data, security of business transactions, and Electronic Data Interchange. What to know before writing a research paper...
 We are going to discuss each of them.  This will give you a better comprehension of e-
commerce for 1st grades in your research paper on e-commerce.
To begin with, E-tailing to virtual storefronts is basically retail shopping over the web. Custom information and products are bought and sold through the web.
Second, Electronic Data Interchange involves business by the exchange of data over the net among parties that are familiar with each other.
On the other hand, business to business Buying and selling involves the advertisement of products by companies over the web.
When it comes to, the E-Mail, Fax, and internet telephony, just like the name suggests, it is communication of business information through the web, using email, fax, and telephone calls through the internet.
The Security of Business Transactions involves making business transactions bona fide, securing web pages from unauthorized users, and encrypting communications.  Just like the name suggests, the primary objective of The Security or Business Transactions is to enhance the privacy and validity of business transactions
Finally, gathering and uses of demographic data involves gathering data about prospects and clients through web. This is done through site registration, questionnaires and as part of taking orders.
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