Sunday, 16 September 2012

Network Security- Research Paper

I stayed awake almost the entire night, “the file” I needed that file. I grabbed my watch, it was 4.a.m. The office would be opened at 8.0 am; four hours from then, I did not have four hours; I had to act. The guard allowed me in after about what seemed like an entire day. I hastened to the computer, my heart trip-hammering; I needed that file, badly! My hands shook, with excitement and anxiety. I tried to start the computer, and then it hit me; I would not, I needed an ID!  I froze; how could I be so stupid? Only a fool would not secure such a pivotal file!  
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Network security is a process of preventing and monitoring unauthorized access and modification of network- accessible resources. It involves policies that are adopted by network administrators. Consequently, authorized   personnel are assigned an ID and password for accessing the information and programs. If you have been assigned on a network
security research paper, this is where the journey embarks; defining network security. Again, for a network security research paper, it is astute to transcend your definition to writing the history of network security; it does wonders.
Network security involves organizations, and enterprises among other types of institutions. Its main objective is to protect a network resource and protects and oversees an ongoing operation; another concept that you may consider discussing in your network security research paper.
Again, when writing a network research paper, you may consider discussing network security concepts. First,  network security starts with verifying the user with a username and a relevant password. This is the most common approach. This is approach is termed as a one-factor authentication. Another concept is the two-factor authentication. This is compels the user to have an ATM card or a security token. Finally, the three-factor authentication requires the user to have a finger print or retinal scan. It is most secure and supreme. 


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