Sunday, 16 September 2012

Research Paper Example On Network Security

I frantically searched my wallet; my ATM card, I needed it; it was the only way I would get the cash, it was missing. My wife was waiting for me in the car, “I need your ATM card, I can not find mine,” I yelled. It was more of a command than a request. Three minutes later; I had the cash in my hands, and we still had fifteen minutes to go. Seconds later, I was speeding on the highway; we had to get there on time. On my way, I just could not help thinking of what would have happened if my wife did not have her ATM card; the only access we had to the money. 
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Network security is the process of monitoring and averting unauthorized access and modification of network accessible resources. If you are searching a network security research paper example, it only tells me that you need information on how to write a network research paper. You are in the right place, stay with me.
First, network security involves accessing information and programs that are within the authority of the user. Assigning a unique name of a network resource and a corresponding password is one of the simplest and common approaches of protecting a network. It covers a scope of public and private computer networks.
Network security has three concepts. First, it has the one-factor authentication which uses the user’s name and the relevant password. The two-factor authentication is another concept of network security. It compels the user to have an ATM card or mobile phone. As such, it is used in banks and financial buildings. Finally, the three-factor authentication uses the finger print or retinal scan.
 I am positive that by now, you have a comprehension of network security. Besides a network security research paper example, the above dexterity will subsequently make it easy for you to write a network security paper.

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