Monday, 10 September 2012

Computer Information

At the outset, what is computer information? First, a computer is a device that is programmed to carry out arithmetic or logical operations. Computer information on the other and is the data collected by studying the computer’s software and hardware designs, its applications and impact in the society.
Keep it in mind that you can view your computer information by clicking the start button, then, click the control panel, next click system and maintenance button and then click the system. Some of the computer information that you are bound to get for your computer is the name of the manufacturer, the model of the computer, the rating and RAM (Installed memory) among others. Read more free sample papers here...
Subsequently, when asked to write about computer information, you may discuss the history
of computer, the software and hardware among others. We are subsequently going to discuss the Random Access Memory (RAM) which is a form of computer data storage. It allows stored data to be accessed in almost the same amount of time for any storage location. Consequently, the time to access a given data location varies with its physical location. However, although the name RAM has stuck, with DRAM, today’s RAM data is not random access since it is read in bursts. The modern RAM takes two forms; one the static RAM (SRAM) and the (Dynamic RAM DRAM) the SRAM , is more expensive to produce and a bit of data is stored using the state of a flip flop. However, it is a faster and needs less power as opposed to DRAM. On the other hand, DRAM stores a bit of data using a memory cell which comprises of a transistor and capacitor pair. DRAM is the predominant form of computer memory used for the modern computers since is less expensive to produce.

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