Monday, 10 September 2012

Illegal Immigration Essay

Are you planning to have an illegal immigration? Prior to doing so, think about being raped, being a slave or a prostitute, and worse still; think of murder! In most cases, Illegal immigration is coupled with being trafficked for exploitation, including sexual exploitation and broader criminal activity. To begin with, while the legal international slave trade was outlawed by the European nations and United States, illegal importation of slaves still goes on, though at low levels. As an illegal immigrant, escaping slavery is almost impossible since it is difficult for you to access to legal services such as protection from the law. Again, you may be forced to sexual slavery hence becoming a sex slave. Besides, the conditions of slavery and degrading, with change of environments, most illegal immigrants rarely survive the harsh conditions, hence leading to death. Click here for a free sociology paper sample...
So, what is illegal immigration? If you have been assigned on an illegal immigration essay, a comprehension of the subject through research would be most astute. Illegal immigration is the state of violation of the immigration laws and sovereignty of the country or state. 
Let us not look at some of the causes of illegal immigration. To begin with, countries of lower social economic circumstances suffer illegal immigration at high rates.  This is subsequent to the citizens perceiving greater economic opportunities and quality of life. Unfortunately, developing countries have been in the pursuit of globalization benefits. Subsequently, this has been an open door to domestic markets displacing agricultural and unskilled workers who then opt to seek employment and better life conditions by illegal immigration. Besides, illegal immigrants never have the opportunity to advance in their careers or education. Poverty is another predominant cause of illegal immigration. Poor people from home countries turn to illegal immigration for better opportunities. This has consequently been a cause for multiples of broken homes.

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