Monday, 10 September 2012

Search Engine Optimization

If websites had feelings, some of them would be celebrities and would forever brag about it, others would spend the rest of their lifetime enduring the scourge of in-recognition! You will agree with me that there are some websites who appear at the top list of search engines. This is because they implement on a technique that enable search engines to identify them easily which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Essay writing help services, click here...
Keep it in mind that, while human beings are attracted to quality sounds, designs, flash movies and images, search engines recognize content and are primarily focused on the content. Consequently, some of the approaches that you would consider implementing on to optimize your website include; beginning with use keywords that are broad, relevant, and have low competition but with efficient searchers. Again, ensure that all the pages of your site have
custom titles and relevant descriptions. Do not use the same tags for your pages, otherwise the search engines will not easily figure out the subject of your individual pages. Nevertheless, as much as you will focus on search engines, do not forget your end user. Use friendly designs, sounds, movies, and flash videos just to mention but a few.
 SEO happens in six steps that you may consider discussion in your essay on SEO. They include; crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving.  To begin with, search engines craw the web to identify the available websites using a spider or a crawler. Then, the website indexes the context and stores it in a giant database. This includes identifying the best words that describes the page and assigns the page to particular keywords. Subsequently, it processes it upon receiving a search request, and then calculates its relevance with a search string. Finally, it retrieves the website by displaying it in the browser!

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