Sunday, 16 September 2012

Research Paper Example On C++

If you are reading this, it only tells me that you are interested in c++. You have probably been assigned on a C++ research paper. Subsequently, soliciting a C++ research paper example is only astute. Wait a minute; prior to clicking on another page, the following dexterity on c++ is paramount; one that you cannot afford to be ignorant about, stay with me. To begin with c++ is a communication programming that is both multi-paradigm and statically typed. Historically, it was Bjarne Stroustrup who was the founder of C++ in 1979. By then, it was known as C with classes. It was later in 1983 that it was it was named as C++.
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For a better comprehension of C++, we are going to discuss the attributes of C++.  As I mentioned earlier, C++ is statically typed. This means that it is performed during the compile-time and not during the run-time. It is designed to be multi-paradigm which means that it
supports more than one programming paradigm. Some of the programming paradigms include object-oriented programming and data abstraction programming. Again, C++ has the zero-overhead principle. This means that for unused features, it does not incur overhead.  Next, it is designed to give the programmed choice. The only unfortunate bit is that it gives the user chance to make wrong choices. As such, the user, you must have the capacity to make the right choices. Besides, C++ is designed to function with a less sophisticated programming environment. It is also designed to be compatible with C hence providing a smooth transition from C.
Some of the features used for C++ are object-oriented programming and data abstraction programming among others.
The above dexterity, coupled with a C++ research paper example, 1st grades in your C++ research paper are inevitable. 

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